Escalator Painting No.6, 2017

180cm X 110cm, acrylic and digital photograph on aluminium

Escalator Painting No.6, 2017






















Source image. Digital photograph on vinyl on aluminium.

Escalator Painting No.6, 2017 details

Part of the attraction of liminal spaces is, perhaps, the existence of the sublime within the anti-sublime. In relation to the connectedness of things through the virtual realm, Deleuze and Parnet talk of the link between the infinitesimal moment and the longest imaginable moment, and a sense of that which is beyond us and our perception (Deleuze and Parnet, 2002)


Deleuze, G., & Parnet, C. (2002). Dialogues II (H. Tomlinson & B. Habberjam, Trans.). New York: Columbia University Press.