Ground Material 2/92, 1992, 300mm X 380mm


Stenopaeics – curated by Julie Higginbotham and Leonie Richardson. Published: [Fitzroy, Vic.] : Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, May 12 – June 10, 1995 and Albury Regional Arts Centre, May 10 – June 2, 1996. Shows examples of pinhole photography by Darren Glass, Tim Mackrell, Rhonda Stevens, Roger Skinner, Victoria Cooper, Ron Left, Mathew Cox, Andrew Craig Steinman, Leonie Richardson, Doug Spowart, Max Osborne. The catalogue has an introductory text detailing briefly the history of pinhole photography with suggestions for further reading. Includes selected biographies of the photographers.


All works illustrated are pin-hole camera photographs.


Ground Material 1/92 1992, 370mm X 505mm






Wall Photo 1/92, 1992, 405mm X 440mm







Ground Material 3/92, 1992, 370mm X 505mm





Typeface, 1993, 305mm X 380mm






Untitled, 1992, 405mm X 505mm